Sunday, April 1, 2012

Like Magic

Another slow-ish week at the office. However I did pretty substantive work on things. It seems like all the international conferences coincide on the same week. Next week should be busier; many officers return to the office. I am having an incredible internship, and I couldn't be luckier to be working where I am; it is certainly a life changing experience.

 Tuesday night I had dinner with Dickinson alum and trustee Woody Goldberg. He is an absolutely brilliant and kind man. We had a wonderful dinner and discussion about many trending topics, and of course, Dickinson. We we at the University Club, which I heard falls on the other side of the political spectrum from me! It was a very good looking club though.

On Wednesday, I was back on the Hill and attended a U.S. House roundtable between the Airline private sector and government agencies that deal with transportation put on by and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The topic was the EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme), and it is a very contentious issue within ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The scheme is similar to cap and trade, but it would impose harsh restrictions on U.S. airlines; forecasting losing $3.1 billion over 8 years. Surprisingly, Republicans and Democrats agreed that negotiations with the EU was over (as it was introduced last fall, slated to take affect by the EU this winter), and the U.S. must file an article 84 complaint in ICAO. An article 84 lets the ICAO council decide on the issue (where the number of states opposing this on the council is more than those who do). Filing an article 84 against all 27 EU states (since the EU is not part of ICAO because ICAO are for states only) would potentially make these states be more willing to negotiate. However, all of those testifying stated that they would like a consensus on reducing airline emissions, but are  opposed to the ETS. If the ETS took place, fare flying for all U.S. citizens would increase dramatically and disrupt the economy. Pretty big stuff going on in my organizations!

On my walk to the Rayburn building (it was a beautiful day) I saw a Dickinson and Keystone alum! Pretty interesting how things work. I also walked by the Supreme Court and saw a lot of pro-bill people outside :D. The week ended with little fanfare, though I do hope it gets warmer out! 

Walking in the morning to the Hill

Outside the Supreme Court, keep the bill!!

On Monday I am going to the Israeli and Palestinian Embassies! I can't wait!

I may potentially have big news this week. I just don't want to say anything until it is set in stone. I also am going to have dinner with my scholarship donors next week, and I can't wait to thank them for making my Dickinson experience possible.

By the way, I am having fun, I just choose not to divulge that information on my blog :p. 

On the last note: Every week, my professor for my night class tells us to tell someone you love them, because life is too short not too. I agree, and I try my best to do it. All you really do need is love, because it's magical.


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