Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Last Week

As the title points out, this was my last week of work at the State Department. I had a great 13 week working there, and I have grown a lot; both personally and professionally. I have learned the workings of American diplomacy while helping out in different areas of multilateral policy. The State Department has taught me new skills and conduct, while sharpening my multitasking abilities, organizational skills and communication. I will never forget the experiences I had and the people I met, and I hope to go back sometime in my career.

I worked in a high caliber office with high caliber people.

Now onto my week:

On monday, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke at the Washington Center. It was a big event for the center, and they had tons of procedures for students. I was in partial disbelief because he was still recovering from his heart transplant surgery he had a few weeks ago and that's not easy. He spoke about his early time in Washington and surprisingly threw in some stuff about his Vice Presidency (which we were told was off-limits). I may not like the man, or agree with him, but I respect the service he gave to this country. He was still recovering, so he had to hold the microphone with two hands which laid on his chest.

Vice President Dick Cheney

There's not much to talk about tuesday, so I am going to skip to Wednesday! On wednesday, I pretended I was from Minnesota and went to Sen. Al Franken's constituent breakfast in the Hart office building! They served wild rice porridge (I've never had porridge before so I was hesitant, it turned out to me nice and sweet) and then we all waited for the senator. Al Franken came out, and we got to ask question after he gave us a small speech about the current happenings in Congress. After questions, everyone got an individual picture with him which was really cool. I shook his hand, and an official senate photo is going to be sent to my house with Al Franken's signature. Very cool senator. I also stopped my Sen. Schumer's office for a quick picture; NY pride.

Sen. Al Franken!

Me outside Schumer's office

On thursday I finished up a lot of loose ends at work, and sent documents to the appropriate officers so they would have them after my account is disabled. However my Friday was much more interesting and great, as it was also my last day. I brought a thank you card and donuts in for the office; they were totally not expecting anything. Friday was holocaust remembrance day at the State department. They had Annette Tilleman, widow of Rep. Tom Lantos, come and speak about her time in the holocaust. However, introducing her was Secretary Clinton! So on my final day, I finished my bucket list of seeing the Secretary speak in person. After seeing her on TV numerous times, it was an incredible experience seeing her in person.


Her introduction and the Annette Tillman were great, and very sad at time. After that for lunch my office took me out to burger tap & shake, a local burger, shakes, and fries place. I did not expect to be bought lunch, it was a heartening experience that the entire office went out at once just for my last day...or to get a burger. Anyway you size it up, it was a very kind gesture and I will miss them all dearly. Around 2:30 I had to get debriefed (aka signed forms) and they took my badge away :(. For the remainder of the afternoon, I had to be escorted around the building. At the end of the day, I received warm goodbyes and lots of business cards. I'll be a bit surreal not walking into State everyday, but I am looking forward to my last year of college.

This weekend I met up with the college Democrats who did their DC trip, and a few friends who were in the area.

All in all, I have an amazing past few weeks, with meeting actors and senators, and getting an internship. It's been quite a ride, and I can see my station coming closer.


P.S. Congrats Shannon for making it through finals week! You're going to have an amazing summer!

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