Sunday, April 15, 2012


Despite naming this post after a song I have been listening to all week, it ties in very well to my week.

Big things happening, get ready to read, here we go.

On monday I stayed home and worked on my paper - pg 10 of 23-25, not too bad! I have a lot more work to do, but I am happy of the progress I've made so far. This was my lightest day of the week, so get ready.

Tuesday was a very busy day at the office. Along with all the backlog of work from Easter, I had to prepare for an Inter-agency meeting about the 2012 UPU Doha Congress, in which all the relevant federal agencies came and discussed a game plan for preparations. After being through a few inter-agencies, I think I have gotten a clearer vision on how policy is made and the workings of coordination inside the federal government. One can talk about it all the time in class, however sitting through them are a whole different, and awesome, ball game.

Later tuesday I was invited to the Cosmos Club in DuPont Circle for dinner with the people who give to my financial so that I may attend Dickinson every year. They were an amazing couple and took my on a tour of the very swanky club (and super elite club too) and explained the beginnings of the family scholarship I am given. We had dinner in the club afterwards and it was delicious - Filet Mignon and triple chocolate mousse cake. I thought I was in heaven. I must have thanked them a million times for investing in a kid like me, because it means a lot. I would never had gotten the experiences I have gone through or have been able to develop in the person I strive to become without financial assistance. Often times students are looked at as statistics - but we are so much more. We are the next generation of the world, and enriching and educating our lives, and subsequent generations, should be a source of pride and a national priority. That said, I am very gracious that they had a great time with me, and it warmed my heart that the donor herself (part of the family who's grant is given to me) said she is honored to have me receive her father's scholarship, and he would be too.

Cosmos Club

On Wednesday I took a tour of the Library of Congress. Though the tour was limited, it is an amazing building, and it was an educational experience. I didn't find the President's book, but I am sure it's not another clue. When I got to work, I was involved in planning and attending meetings with the United Nation's Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) #2 Mr. John Sandage! An American and a former employee of the State Department, he was very funny and it was very interesting sitting in on the meetings and learning the different issues the U.S. wanted to discuss with them. Due to sensitivity, I will not say the issues on this blog, sorry. I have four pictures below, there's more of my week after them so don't stop reading!

Mr. John Sandage

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

On thursday I had another busy day at work! I worked on diplomatic notes and a bunch of other activities. Though small in the workings of American diplomacy, they are really significant. I worked on Rio +20 things as well. I also met with the head of the Macedonian Postal Regulatory agency! They were all really young and friendly. I sat in on meetings with them and then got a picture with them (which I do not have)! After work I attended an accepted students reception for the new Dickinson class. It was hosted a beautiful home and I think I really made my case to undecided kids. The biggest thing to enjoying Dickinson is getting involved. Being involved has enabled me to become the person I strive to become, as well as meeting many kids in different part of the campus community. At Dickinson, you have the power to make a change, and I love that.

Friday was perhaps the biggest day of them all. In the morning I had an interview for an internship in NYC, which wasn't bad. However I was grilled by the deputy of the office and asked "how I would describe the color red to someone who was blind". I was asked this for an internship position -___-. I responded that I would describe what the color means to me and how it makes me feel, and I would bring others in to do that same so that he could gain his own perception of the color - colors are always subjective.

During the day, I was doing a walk through of the G-8 meeting I am staffing this week and we went to the 8th floor (the official diplomatic halls). While we were waiting for the elevators, actor Rob Lowe comes out of no where! Starstruck, I tell him I am a big fan of his especially on Parks & Rec (I love that show) and he shook my hand!! I didn't get a picture with him, but it definitely was amazing. Lastly, I got a call in the afternoon, and I was notified I got my internship for the CLINTON FOUNDATION this summer!!!!!!!! I will be interning in NYC, and I couldn't be more pumped; I was practically doing flips. I received so much support from everyone, especially from my amazing girlfriend - thank you sweetie, you're the best :). Between Rob Lowe and getting an internship, I was sailing pretty high on friday!

Rob Lowe

I had a really fun weekend, it was beautiful weather. So all in all, this was amazing week and I couldn't be more thankful for everything in my life. Coming back to the first point about Giants. As I talked about last post, we have the potential to do big things. We all can be Giants if we try, because I have faith in the human potential and the ability to do big things.


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