Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back and it: Chasing the Dream

Hi All,

As you know, I took some time off from my blog. After churning out one post a week, I needed some time off. I did a lot of things in the time: saw my friends graduate, went to meetings, had fun with my housemates, went to a lake palace, and enjoyed my summer.

Now I have started my internship at the Clinton Foundation and I am back at it. Writing these blogs additionally help me remember every week of my internship; after a while things become a blur. I am not going to specific with what I do during my internship for confidentiality reasons, sorry!

My commute to work isn't the shortest. I have to take the commuter train in, take a subway and then walk to work. It's not bad, I actually enjoy it. My office is downtown and it seems really official to be working in downtown NYC! 

I started my week with two-day orientation. All 90 interns were gathered for the afternoon and we heard from all the different departments and what they do for the foundation. Additionally we met our fellow interns and supervisors for the summer followed by a wonderful welcome reception.

My week started off getting introduced to my team and getting oriented to the office and my work station. I have an incredibly experienced development staff and the foundation knows how to treat its interns right. I then proceeded with fundraising software training. I am getting acclimated to the system, and knowing this software should make me a more viable candidate in the job market!

Throughout the week we had one-on-ones with the staff of the department and got to know their backgrounds and experiences. I have to say, I am pretty sure one of the staff members can help me get a job, not kidding. They are all incredibly nice people too!

My fellow intern and I were given some initial tasks as well as shown weekly procedures we would have to do; I can't wait to get into the groove. On Friday there was an intern. Beside walking through the monsoon rain to get to the reunion, it was really cool to interact more with my fellow interns and those who worked there in the past.

This sounds like an excellent week to me! Oh, and I get to meet the President. No big deal.


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