Saturday, January 14, 2012

T-Minus One Week

After a semester of blogging for my course, I decided to take some time off. But now I am ready to get back in the game. While hopefully I'll be a blogger for The Washington Center, I'll still maintain this blog to catalog my adventures and times in DC for my readers and my adviser.

I have one week until I go to D.C. for the semester, and I am stoked. I will be interning in the Bureau of International Organizations in the State Department during the day and taking one night class a week on "Peaceful Solutions". This night class is on Monday, from 6:30 until 9:30 pm, after a long day of 8:15 am-5 pm at State; it looks like I'll be loving Mondays (not...).

If there is one preliminary complaint  I have about D.C. its about the map of their bus system. The metro is fine; its a lot smaller and simpler than NYC's subway system so that is a piece of cake. However, looking at the bus map makes my head spin. Granted, I'll probably not be using the bus to get from my apartment to State, but I will be using it every Monday after work to go to Dupont circle for class. I've already got which bus I need, but I am going to have to do a few test runs.

Nevertheless, I can't wait to be in the same city as Obama EVERY DAY. I also can't wait see how diplomacy and multilateral work is done in real time. My past 3 years on Dickinson's campus couldn't have been better, but a change is just what's called for. New people, new place, new everything- a new chapter is about to begin.

And I can't wait to turn the page.

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