Friday, January 27, 2012

One Week In

I am about one week into my semester in DC, and I am loving it. My apartment is amazing, and my roommates are pretty cool guys too. This post may be picture heavy, but who doesn't like to look at pictures?

All the apartments in the The Washington Center have been recently renovated, and my room is the corner room. The room has a fully furnished kitchen, two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a tv, couches, and a table. Also our own washing machine, and dishwasher. I can only hope to own something like this eventually. Don't be too jealous:


On Monday and Tuesday, I had TWC orientation. Though the orientation was primarily for kids who have never done an internship or worked in a professional office, I did learn some facts about D.C. and the metro. On the first day we went to the national portrait gallery, which had an amazing exhibit of presidental portraits.

President James Buchanan, a Dickinson Alum! Too bad he is rated one of the worst in history,

Perhaps my favorite President.

Since my internship at the State Department starts on Monday the 30th, and orientation ended early Tuesday, I had a lot of free time. So I decided to be a tourist and hit up the famous areas of DC. I started with Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court. I also signed up for a Library of Congress research card so I can do work on my independent study.

U.S. Captiol

On Wednesday I did a test run to Foggy Bottom, so when I wake up at 6 am I'll know where to go. Nothing like not knowing where you're going in the morning, right? I walked around the State Department the U.S. Institute of Peace, and also went to the Lincoln Memorial on the mall. For anyone who's never been to the Lincoln Memorial, its really gigantic. Its just a massive and overwhelming structure. Its pretty breathtaking too.

State Department

Lincoln Memorial

Thursday (yesterday) I decided to look around Union Station for a while. The structure is pretty impressive too. I knew it had shops inside, but I was pretty impressed, its essentially a mall! Very cool for when I have to eat something quick or I need some clothes.

Union Station

Inside Union Station

After that I took a ride over to DuPont circle. I've been in the area a while ago, but now that I am older I can appreciate all it has to offer. There are dozens of restaurants, bars, and clothing stores. I can't wait for the weekends there.

After DuPont I came across perhaps my future home. It was a beautiful house, richly painted, and it had a gate in front of it. I wasn't the only one who liked it though:

I probably won't be doing as much touring as I have done the past few days. Between work and my class starting, its going to get busy. But as much as you may have seen me stress last semester, I actually like being busy. It keeps me focused and on top of things. True colors shine when things are tough, and I am looking forward to what this semester is going to bring me.

Wish me luck on Monday!

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