Monday, May 23, 2011

The case for Legalizing Gay Marriage: Common Sense

       One of the most hot-button social issues in domestic politics is legalizing gay marriage. But, in my view, this shouldn't even be an issue at all. We are a nation of rights, and of freedom. Realistically, legalizing marriage is a religious issue, in which others feel they have the right to decide the actions of others. Yes, we are a democratic society. However, why shouldn't the rights of the minority be protected from being infringed on by the majority? (yes, right out of the federalist papers, for those who want to go back to the founders)

An argument against gay marriage is that its sinful. Look, I am not a religious guy, and I don't mean to tell you that your religious beliefs are false or don't matter. However, just because SOME believe it is sinful according to THEIR religion, why does that have to be the case for ALL of society? If one thinks its sinful, that''s fine. But don't try to tell others they cannot perform an action because you deem immoral. It is not your life their impacting, so in layman terms, mind your own business. Moral are subjective, whether for good or for bad. But that's the truth. There were many in the past that thought it was immoral to have interracial marriage. That is not an issue now, and gay marriage shouldn't be an issue ether. Also, it is hypocritical for some to stress less government and more freedom as part of their morals, when they don't even allow a segment of the population their deserved right to have their love validated in society. Contradiction at its finest.

Another common argument is that if gay marriage is legal, it leads down a slippery slope.


This goes back to the morals issue, which should be anyone's issue except the couple involved. That is true libertarianism coming from a liberal (go figure). Second, if one thinks that legalizing gay marriage, having the state validating love between two individuals, is a slippery slope, then I think you may need to rethink your logic. Legalizing gay marriage isn't criminal, it doesn't spur violence, and it makes society stronger. How could more marriage rip apart society? If one has an argument on how more love and marriage in society leads to failure, and that's exactly what it is - love and marriage, then let me see it.

Another argument against legalizing gay marriage is that some believe that "marriage" is defined as between a man and a woman. Marriage is a religious institution, and there can be passages in the bible which both support and are against gay marriage. However, in the modern day, the state has institutionalized marriage as well; with benefits going to married couples. Though states go as far as giving gay couples the same benefits in a civil union, just why not call it marriage? When the state gets involved, so does the concept of equality under the law. Would having a gay couple marry de-sanctify your marriage? Would having a gay couple in Massachusetts de-legitimize a marriage in Nebraska? It won't. Marriage is a way to show one's commitment to each other. Though most organized religions may oppose gay marriage for reasons, I hardly think Jesus, or whoever/whatever you believe in, would want you to discriminate against other individuals because of who they love.

I am not pettyfogging the issue. Having a long due right be established is a human right. If you couldn't marry the one you loved, man or woman, because others "disapproved" because of their morals, how would you feel? Take a minute to think about this issue through the shoes of those discriminated against.

Also, many countries have legalized gay marriage. Argentina, a very catholic country, legalized it in 2002. They have no problems threatening to bring down their country except their own politics (doesn't everyone have that problem?).

It is time for the United States to legalize gay marriage. There is no way around it. Some states have done it, its time for all 50 to have the common sense to do it too.

Love is love. There should be no discrimination for "the pursuit of happiness" and the recognition of love.

* UPDATE: new Gallup poll says that Americans think 25% are ether gay or lesbian. Of course this is not the real statistic of Americans who are actually gay or lesbian. However, if Americans think that a quarter of the population is homosexual, then why deny them the right to have their love recognized by the state? Its a religion and moral issue that should not be involved in policy making. Gay marriage is a right, and it is a great injustice as a country to deny them of that right.

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