Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What happened to less governement and strict constructivism, conservatives?

Disclaimer: If you don't like some bias, don't read this post

Modern hypocrisy at its best. The theme of going 'back to the constitution" used by republicans and conservatives in the 2010 elections seems to have been thrown out the window.

*An effort to encourage "In God We Trust" on "public buildings, schools, and other government institutions"

*Wisconsin State Senators proposing a bill to ban prank calling

*The Wisconsin Legislature in banning collective bargaining rights for unions

*In congress, security spending is not even touched by some conservatives, but they want to reduce the deficit? Cutting important social programs as part of an agenda does not strengthen America.

These are just a few instances, but actions are louder than words. Yes, there have been instances where Democrats have been hypocrites too. However, this is pretty unreal. If Republicans and conservatives were committed on "reducing the scope of government", why are they being blatant hypocrites?

You get what you vote for.

P.S. Here is one of my favorite congressmen making a very good point. We should be talking about jobs, not cutting them...

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